Location:Concrete Jungle;
Occupation:Brain Cancer Warrior by day, in bed by 7:00pm


While my colleagues may think I’m sitting home watching daytime TV on days I don’t come into the office, my 9:00-5’s are actually jam packed with appointments. Since I’m feeling well and try to get in as much walking as possible I chose to get around today by foot, clearly barefoot, but now I’m exhausted! When will MSK consolidate their campuses into one location?! Now if only I could figure out a way to get paid for these long hours I’m clocking!

My day ended with a visit with my surgeon where I acquired this awesome headband pictured above which I have to wear for a week or so. Doc drained the fluid from where I was cut open which has yet to go away so instead of a swollen head it’s now like a deflated balloon. The bandage will prevent the fluid from coming back temporarily. All part of the long healing process. Can’t wait to show up to the office rocking this look tomorrow.

My bullet points of why this bandage doesn’t stink so bad:

*This Jungle is so damn hot that it serves the purpose of a sweatband.

*There is so much weird crap you see everyday riding the subway and walking the streets that a girl with a head wrap doesn’t even warrant a second look. So I’m good. A dude with a dog stuffed in his backpack, now that does.

*”The beauty of living in Brooklyn.. We’re considered the trend setters” (my roommate)

*The nude color totally goes well with my new Jimmy Choo shoes.

*If I can’t go to the gym I can at least pretend like I need a reason to wear a sweatband for physical activities.

*This is no where near as uncomfortable as the turban I wore all week in the hospital.

*Insert reason here:


  1. shakethatflabbytabby said: If you have a pimple on your forehead, this is a nice cover up
  2. msagille said: Only you can make that wrap sexy Car!! <3 U
  3. bradnichia said: U need to write something in the tape…it’s a built in license plate…use it!
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